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Orange Cat with Math

Grammar Bites: Sentence Basics

How to punctuate dependent and independent clauses.

Magic Staff

Art: Blending Modes, Color

You can use blending modes to add color to a grayscale image.

katana 1

Art: Blending Mode, Basics

What is a blending mode? This explains the basics of blending modes in digital art.

Dragon chicken

For Artists: Clipping Masks

Art tips. Using selections or clipping masks.


Defense of the Oxford Comma

For Authors: using the Oxford comma. Is it really optional?

Stonehenge painting

For Authors: Continuity

Dealing with plot continuity. Staging scenes.

Tormy kitten

Stealing Kittens

Was Tormy's namesake (our beautiful Maine Coon from college) ever in an actual box?

Eyeball creature

The Beginner's Beginning Guide to Beginning Beginning Painting

A beginner's guide to Krita for digital painters.

Tormy in armor

Escape into Fantasy

Escape into fantasy with OF CATS AND DRAGONS. Re-discover the joy of reading. If you find yourself stuck at home for whatever reason, you might enjoy leaving all things "Real Life" behind for a little bit.

Kyr and Tyrin

For Authors: Ebook Covers

This article is mostly for authors who are looking for information about ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand cover art. However there is a lot of artwork in the article that fans of our books might enjoy, so feel free to give it a look even if you are not an author searching for information.

Lilyths Midwinter Cover

Lilyth's Midwinter

Lilyth just can't stay out of trouble. When little Shard shares the tale of the Great White Winter Cat, Lily determines that she will make this solstice celebration the best her kitten has ever seen, no matter the cost.