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Note: this is using the Of Cats and Dragons world calendar where the dates are based on the founding of the Covenanat, and the four seasons. And all the stories can be found on our BOOKS page.

  • Year 14,021 Mid Autumn: Night's Gift (Book 1)
  • Year 14,021 Mid Winter: Winter Tithe (novella)
  • Year 14,022 Late Winter: Radiation (Book 2)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Summer: Summer's Fall (Book 3)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Summer: Hollow Season (Book 4)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Summer: Autumn King (Book 5)
  • Year 14,022 Late Summer: Solstice Thyme (short story)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Autumn: Lilyth's Hunt (novella)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Winter: Lilyth's Midwinter (novella)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Winter: Ven'tarian Silence (Book 6)
  • Year 14,022 Mid Winter: Longest Night (short story)
  • Year 14,023 Late Winter: Talking to Water (short story)
  • Year 14,023 Late Winter: Oblique's Adventure (short story)