Of Cats And Dragons

Glossary for Of Cats And Dragons

The world Of Cats And Dragons is very large and filled with many people, lands and creatures. This is a glossary of some of the people and lands you will discover as you read our books and stories.


Nickname of S'van Daenoth (suh-VAHN DAY-nahth).

Crown Prince of Lydon. Son of Wraiteea and Cerric Daenoth. Husband of Avarice Machelli. Father of Omen and Lylith.

Agnetha Terbithae

Omen's childhood tutor, deceased.


Princess of the Aelaedrine, granddaughter of Queen Illythia.

Antares Trelkadiz

Ruler of Terizkand and father of Templar. Nightblood.


Kadana's first mate on board the Golden Voyage. From Corsair Isles.

Arra Corsair

High Priestess to The Lady, very gifted Healer, powerful Sorceress. One of Avarice's oldest friends.

Autumn Lands

One of the Gated Lands separated by the Covenant from the mortal world. While it is widely populated with many races, the Teyledrine claim rulership of it.

Avarice Machelli

Wife of 7 Daenoth, mother of Omen. Head of the Machelli family and guild.

Beren Deldano

Bard, and Hold Lord of Melia. Son of Kadana. A gifted healer. One of Omen's 'fathers'. Beren through his father's line is of faerie descent.


Diatho and Kadana Deldano's youngest daughter. Has a dog named Howler.

Cat Lands

Tormy and Tyrin claim to have come from the Cat Lands.

Caythla Set-Manasan

Daughter of Indee, Queen of Nelminor. Sister of Khylar. Childhood friend of Omen's.


The current name of the Elder God of Chaos, The Dark Heart.

Cerric Daenoth

7's father, Omen's grandfather. Deceased.

Chant Deldano

Son of Beren Deldano, twin brother of Tess. Melian.

Charaathalar Set-Manasan

(shah-rah-AH-tah-lar set-MAH-nah-sahn) Previous ruler of Kharakhan, father of Khylar. While widely believed to be dead, he is actually imprisoned in a time spell.

Corsair Isles

Home islands of the Corsair Family. A religious but egalitarian land, largely ruled by the priests of the various temples, particular Lady Arra and the Corsair family.


One of the main families of the stories, many of whom are friends of Omen and the other Daenoths. The Corsairs, through Arra's mother, are of faerie descent.

Corzika Trelkadiz

Daughter of King Antares, elder sister of Templar, and the High General of Terizkand.


Prince of the Aelaedrine, grandson of Queen Illythia.


Omen's family through his father 7 (S'van Daenoth).


A group of human tribesmen that travel widely throughout the world.


One of the main families of the stories. Kadana's line is fully human, but her son Beren, through his father's line is of faerie descent.


Dev or Devastation Machelli is a main point of view characters in all the Of Cats And Dragons novels. While his heritage is unknown he is considered a member of the Machelli family because he seems to possess Shilvagi blood. He works for Avarice Machelli and is well-known throughout the Machelli Guild. He's indicated that he has other names, though what those are has not been said. His age is unknown, though he appears to be about 16 years old. He claims he was born in Revival, Terizkand.


Husband of Kadana Deldano. Comes from the distant land of Shindar.


One of the generals who tamed Kharakhan, and a former companion of Indee and Avarice.

Elder Gods

The six gods that created the world. So far the stories have only mentioned three of them, The Redeemer, The Dark Heart and The Lady.


Quartermaster of the Golden Voyage.


Former name of the Kingdom of Terizkand when it was ruled by the giants (Ersha).


Son of the elder god Cerioth, The Dark Heart. Known as The Soul's Flame, Etar is considered one of the younger gods who act as avatars to the Elder Gods. He is an avatar to The Lady.


Corsair sailor on the Golden Voyage.


The term for all creatures of the world of faerie.


Husband of Caythla Set-Manasan, ruler of Nelminor.


Tormy says this is the name of his mother, the Queen of the Cat Lands.


Indee's small grey cat.


King of the Autumn Lands lord of the Teyledrine.


An undead necromancer from Hex, in Terizkand.

Golden Voyage

The name of Kadana Deldano's ship -- a large galleon built by the Ven'tarian Sorcerium.


Kadana's ship's navigator. From Corsair Isles.


The capital city of Terizkand. It gets its name from the hex marks that cover all the walls and buildings of the giant built city.

Hold Lords

The 12 leaders of Melia. The title is held equally between married couples, and is used regardless of whether it refers to a male or female. The Hold Lords have a shared governance over the land, guided by their Hold Dragon.


Caia Deldano's dog.


The faerie queen of the Aelaedrine.


Empress Indee'athra Lir Drathos, wife of Sundragon Sylvan, mother of Khylar and Caythla. Has a cat named Fog. One of Avarice's oldest friends.

Kadana Deldano

Noble of Kharakhan. Mother of Beren, Tokara, Rask, Reeve, Caia. Wife of Diatho. Omen's grandmother through his Deldano bloodline. Old friend of Avarice Machelli. Captain of the Golden Voyage.


Land west of Melia, where Avarice and her companions spent many years in their youth. A wild land filled with wild magic and monsters.


Former capital city of Kharakhan, coastal region.


Kyr deKyrel. Son of Cira deKyrel, Princess of the Venedrine. Son of Cerioth The Dark Heart. Brother of Omen and Etar.

Last member of the Venedrine royal family.


Tormy says that this is the name of his father, the King of the Cat Lands.

Liethan Corsair

One of Omen's close friends, who accompanied him on the Quest for the Autumn King.

Lilyth Daenoth

Omen's little sister, daughter of 7 and Avarice. Princess of Lydon. Has a cat named Shard.


Name of one of the races of elves in the world.


7's home country west of Melia. Ruled by Queen Wraiteea.


Cook aboard the Golden Voyage -- from Xelos near the Corsair Isles.


(Muh-SHEL-eee) A main family in the Of Cats And Dragon novels. Omen is a member through his mother Avarice Machelli.

All Machelli are related in someway to the Shilvagi clan -- a trait marked with silver eyes.

The family are also members or associates of the Machelli Guild (though there are many non-family members who work for them.) The family originates from the wilds of Scaalia, a country near Frelzaire.

Machelli Guild

(Muh-SHEL-eee) A merchants guild formed by the Machelli family of Scaalia. While they claim to be merchants, they are known for brokering information. Avarice Machelli is the current head of the guild.


The Land of the Sundragons. Home to the Daenoth's. Omen, despite being a prince of Lydon, grew up in Melia due to his unusual bloodline and powerful psionics. The Sundragons agreed to aid 7 and Avarice in protecting Omen both from outside threats and from himself.


A Teyledrine sorceress who aided Khylar against Galseric. Kylar's great aunt, sister to Indee's mother.


Distant, and very violent land. The border between the mortal realm and the Night Lands is very thin in N'vrel, and Night Dwellers roam that land. Ruled by Empress Valenya Velaquenta -- part of an empire consisting of two other countries.

Nekarra Deldano

Beren Deldano's wife, from the distant land of Shindar.


A kingdom north of Melia, currently ruled over by Caythla Set-Manasan, Indee's daughter, and Cathla's husband Fel'torin.

Night Dweller

Any creature from the Night Lands.

Night Lands

One of the Gated Lands where all Night Dwellers were imprisoned.


Constructed creatures from the Night Lands, created with magic.

Nikki Deldano

One of Beren Deldano's children, grandson of Kadana Deldano. Kharakhian.


Lady Kylee's small black cat.

Omen Daenoth

Main protagonist of the Of Cats And Dragons books.

Prince of Lydon

Son of S'van (7) Daenoth and Avarice Machelli. Through a strange accident of birth, Omen also possess the bloodlines of Beren Deldano and the Elder God Cerioth as well as an unnamed elemental entity.

Omen has an extensive family due to his bloodlines.

Rask Deldano

One of Diatho and Kadana Deldano's twin sons. Twin to Reeve.

Reeve Deldano

One of Diatho and Kadana Deldano's twin sons. Twin to Rask.


One of the cities of Terizkand.


A thief from Hex in Terizkand.

Sable Velaquenta

Daughter of Empress Valenya Velaquenta and The Dream Lord, younger god of dreams. Princess of N'vrel. Friend of Lilyth.


The family that has ruled Kharakhan for many years. Khylar Set-Manasan is the current ruler.

Shalonie Tatharion

Daughter of Hold Lord Shalandor Tatharion Lir Drathos and Hold Lord Alisina Tatharion Lir Drathos, of Melia. One of the point of view characters in the Of Cats And Dragons novels. Considered a genius in numerous subjects.


Lilyth Daenoth's large cat. Has folded ears and loves to swim.


The name of Templar's grandfather, and King Antares' father.


(Shill-va-gee) A little known race of people that the Machelli clan are said to be descended from -- specifically all marked with silver eyes.

Legend says they used to be able to transform into wolves.


A distant land ruled over by Sylvan Lir Drathos, one of the Sundragons of Melia.

Sul Havens

A land south of Terizkand, ruled by the Venedrine elves.


The Language of the Gods or Holy Tongue. Also the native language of the cats. This language is said to have persisted unchanged for countless years.

Summer Lands

One of the Gated Lands separated by the Covenant from the mortal world. Ruled over by the Aelaedrine, one of the oldest of the faerie races. Ruled by Queen Illythia.


The race of dragons that rule over the land of Melia. Considered gods in that land. All of them have the ability to take on a humanoid form. Golden in appearance, they seem almost made of sunlight. All possess a secondary underscale color as well that most Melian's can distinguish between the individual dragons.

Sylvan Lir Drathos

One of the Sundragons of Melia. He is considered the youngest of the Elder Sundragons, the ruler of the distant land of Solara, and the husband of Indee'athra Lir Drathos (Indee).

Templar Trelkadiz

Crown Prince of Terizkand

Son of King Antares, he shares the Nightblood heritage of his father.


Young sailor on board the Golden Voyage.

Omen saved his live during the events of the Quest for the Autumn King.

Has a monkey named Murfa.


A land south of Melia that has been under the control of a race of giants for centuries. After a rebellion to overthrow the giants, the land is now ruled by King Antares Trelkadiz.

Was once known as Ershakand (land ruled by the storm lords), and was known as the Broken Kingdom. The new name means 'land ruled by free men'.

Tess Deldano

(Tessleara) Daughter of Beren Deldano. Friend of Lilyth's. Twin sister of Chant. Melian.

the Chain

Area in Kharakhan near Kadana Deldano's lands. A series of villages linked together in a circle by a road.

The Dark Heart

One of the six Elder Gods. All of the Elder Gods have gone by many names and guises. He is currently known as The Dark Heart of Chaos, Cerioth. Omen is considered to be his son, as are Kyr and the younger god, Etar.

The Dream Lord

One of the younger gods. Father of Sable.

The Lady

One of the six Elder Gods, known as The Lady of Light or The Lady of Dawn. All of the Elder Gods have gone by many names and guises. The Lady is currently known as Ansara, The Lady of Dawn.

The Redeemer
The first of the six Elder Gods. All the Elder Gods have gone by many names and guises. The Redeemer, also referred to as The Creator, currently goes by the name Damien.

Tokara DelDano

Daughter of Diatho and Kadana Deldano. Main point of view character in Winter Tithe.


Giant orange and white talking cat. Prince of the Catlands. Son of King Largepaw and Queen Flitterwhiskers. Twin brother of Tyrin. Has freckles on his nose.


Small orange and white talking cat. Prince of the Catlands. Son of King Largepaw and Queen Flitterwhiskers. Twin brother of Tormy. No freckles on his nose.

Valenya Velaquenta

Empress of N'vrel, mother of Sable.


The fabled magical city of the Ven'tarian Sorcerium.

Ven'tarian Sorcerium

The group of wizards that ruled over the city of Ven'taria. Known to be incredible powerful sorcerers. Originally founded by Rhivoli the Great.


A race of elves. They were cursed long ago by The Dark Heart and nearly destroyed. In the end only the royal family was eliminated. Currently Kyr is the only surviving member of the royal line. The royal line was known for their mystical abilities.

The Venedrine are also the rulers of the Sul Havens, a land south of Terizkand.


Queen of Lydon, and mother of 7. Omen's grandmother.

Younger Gods

Any god not one of the six Elder Gods.