Of Cats And Dragons

Timeline for the Of Cats And Dragons World

We have a very long timeline for our world since we've been developing it for many years. This is just a very small slice of that timeline to give you an idea of where the books and stories all fit in. We're only adding events that have been directly mentioned in the stories themselves. We'll update this as the story unfolds.

The dating on our timeline is based on the Of Cats And Dragons world calendar. The current world calendar starts counting at the formation of the Covenant of the Gods -- the covenant that created separate worlds or dimensions for immortal creatures so that the weaker mortal races had a chance to survive. While it is referred to in the books primarily as the Covenant, it is actually the second Covenant as the first one was broken by the Elder God Cerioth. Cerioth destroyed the gates between the worlds and released all the immortal races back into the mortal realm, which nearly destroyed it. Cerioth was imprisoned by his siblings, and the second Covenant was formed approximately 14,000 years ago.

The actually monthly calendar in the Of Cats and Dragons world is different as well. The months are identified by the seasons only. Midseason falls literally in the middle of the season, unlike our calendar when midsummer is actually the start of summer. The months are known by the designation of early, mid, and late, such as Early Spring, or Mid Winter, or Late Summer. The days are numbered 1-30 (their years are much more even than ours). So a typical date would be Early Spring 12, 14,021. For clarity sake I've listed the Beginning and End of the year in the listing below. The year starts in Late Winter (January) and ends Mid Winter (December).

If you're just looking for a short listing of the order of our books and stories, you'll find that at the bottom of the Site Index.

Year: 1
Beginning of Year (Late Winter)

The second great Covenant is formed as the Night Dwellers are removed from the mortal world and imprisoned in the Night Lands.

Cerioth The Dark Heart is imprisoned.

⤒ 14,020 years ⤓
Year: 14,021
Mid Autumn

The events of NIGHT'S GIFT

Omen and Templar find Tormy in the Night Games.

Our Newsletter story Tormy's Journey takes place at the same time.

End of Year (Mid Winter)

The events of WINTER TITHE, a Tokara Deldano story.

Year: 14,022
Beginning of Year (Late Winter)

The events of RADIATION.

Omen and Tormy find Kyr in a world destroyed by war.

Our Newsletter story Tyrin's Trek takes place at the same time.

Mid Summer

The events of SUMMER'S FALL

Quest of the Autumn King begins.

Mid Summer

The events of HOLLOW SEASON.

Omen and his companions journey through Kharakhan toward the Mountain of Shadow.

Mid Summer

The events of AUTUMN KING

Armed with new knowledge Omen and his companions reach the explosive conclusion of the quest for the Autumn King.

Late Summer

The events of SOLSTICE THYME

Mid Autumn

The events of LILYTH'S HUNT

End of Year (Mid Winter)



The short story TALKING TO WATER about Shalonie takes place on the last day of the year and first day of the new year.

Year: 14,023
Beginning of Year (Late Winter)

The Wandering Star returns.

The short story OBLIQUE'S ADVENTURE takes place in the early days of the new year.

Early Spring

The events of WYLDWOOD FATE.

The events of LILYTH'S DANCE.